Metal Clay Mojo Conference 2013

Dad - with his favorite phrase

I just returned last night from the Metal Clay Mojo Conference in CT, and it honestly could not have been more wonderful.  I don't say that just because it was so nice to meet and connect with other artists, but because I learned a ton.  The presentations were great....I learned all about cold connections with Robert Dancik (who had AMAZING huge props to illustrate the steps), enamelling with Pauline Warg, wholesaling with Wendy McManus...just to name a few.  One hour presentations full of really useful info, even if that topic was not your focus.  For example, I'm not interested in wholesaling my work, but Wendy's talk had great info re pricing, etc., so there was something for everyone.  

I had the best time presenting my own topic.  Templating with Photopolymer plates.   It was based on the underlying concept we girls grew up with - Organization is the key.  Dad's favorite phrase.  I am a messy person, but my head is incredibly organized, so, went from there:)

I've never done a presentation before, but, really, me in the spotlight????  What's not for me to love about that???????:)  I received great feedback, and am very grateful for some constructive criticism re how to tighten it up...which I put into place the second time around.  I also thoroughly enjoyed the process of putting together the presentation on Keynote.  I enjoy teaching, but this type of education is more up my alley.  LOVED the whole process.  I'll do a blog post at some point on tips and tricks I learned re how to do the nuts and bolts of the presentation...because, you know, I AM an expert now....after 2 presentations....nevermind.

I'm not sure about what the future will bring, conference wise, but I'll keep people informed as I learn any info.  I'm sure this will be repeated as everyone seemed to love it.

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