An educational August

Colors taken from my logo bubbles
Shows are over, I have pieces to make and classes to teach, but the majority of this month will be spent preparing myself for my presentation at the Metal Clay Mojo Conference in Chester, CT,  on Sept 5-8.  I'll be concentrating on showing how I use photopolymer plates as design tools rather than purely as a  medium to create textures.

I've not done a slide presentation before, but I am 100% confident in my abilities.   I have no issue with nerves speaking in large crowds, and when I know my subject I can speak for days.   Hmmmmm.....  The issue is merely the nuts and bolts of slide presentations, from a technical aspect. I have researched to death just what makes a slide show great vs. ordinary.  I'm all over learning how to use Keynote....and even researched extensively why I should use Keynote over Powerpoint or Google docs.   I already know how to use Keynote, but when something is really important to me I like to know everything there is to know about it.  Learning obscure tricks often leads to a creative epiphany for me:)  I also know that you should not use tons of fancy, shmancy effects, so the fun will be in going over this 4,000 times, editing and simplifying each time.  Yes....that is actually fun for me!

I'm fairly sure of the graphic theme for my presentation, and the next step seems to be pinpointing a colour scheme of 4-5 colours.  I've taken some colours from my logo bubbles (yep, branding is my middle name!), and will continue on with the lessons.  I'm having WAY too much fun!  Fonts are next!!!  I'll try to keep you updated as I go, on this oh, so fascinating

Endnote:  don't know what's going on with my graphics lately.  The top green looks good on the post, but when you click into it it goes crazy bright.  No prob....just something new to figure.  Carry on...

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