And that's a wrap...

I definitely have not been stopping to smell the roses lately, but when I'm in creative experimentation mode I'm fairly useless unless I'm in the studio.  With this last sheep vignette, I've GOT to take a break. I've got enough inventory for my show in Muskoka, July 19/20/21...and if not....I shan't beat myself up.

I'm having so much fun doing this, but it's time to step back.   I also have some testing to do for a metal clay supplier, but that is also fun stuff, and I'll get to that right now!, really.

Just as an aside, the photos attached 'Stop and smell the roses' are not really what the vignette will be about.  When I photo them, I play around with the pieces more, and new themes emerge.  Also, I'm unable to show anything that may be suspended, or attached, higher up in the final framed piece.  The real framed vignette will be 'Always on my mind...', and it has little silver hearts floating above the sheep's head...also, a few more blades of grass embedded into the earth, etc.

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