Crossover dress - front and back

Where have I been???  It's been forever since I posted, but things are really busy in the studio.  Also, just got home from a wonderful visit to London (to visit daughter) and Paris.  Jet lag takes a huge toll on me, but I'm now in non-stop mode again.

So just what have I been up to?

  • My Craftcast class introduced me to a partnership with Metal Clay Supply.  They produce some templates for my dresses that you can use if you've got some fav textures you want to use.  Along with my regular sleeveless and capped sleeve dresses, I've just created a new one, a Crossover dress, pictured above.   This one doesn't have the tiny template for earrings as it is too fiddly for that, but you can make a large or medium pendant.....or some large earrings?  I'll also be developing some dress texture type templates in the future...just need more open time for that.

  • I have been doing some work for Alison Lee of Craftcast.  I'm such a fan of all of her classes, so it's great and interesting work for me.
  • I had a very successful show in Ottawa!  Once again, the people of Ottawa did not disappoint in their great attitudes about coming out rain and shine:)
  • I have a show coming up in 2.5 weeks in Muskoka, so preparations are chugging along.  My 10 day trip smack dab in the middle of the shows was a bit of an issue:)
  • I've been developing my little sheep vignettes.   The beginning of a whole new line involves 100's of hours of thought, vision, experimentation and mistakes.  Much of the construction development has been completed.  Of course, as soon as I thought I had it down, I decided they needed sweaters!
The black sheep is playing with....


Who knew sheep could get chilly?
  • I've also been celebrating a recent feature in The Crafts Report.  I've loved this mag for years, and was really honoured that they chose to highlight my work in the recent issue.

    So....lots of creating to do, and lots of business stuff to do, but I really do love every minute of it.  Thank you to all of my fellow artists and customers who make it such a joy to be able to work like this. xo

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