What inspires me

I've got some idea's re ballet shoes and knobby knees.

I have been so over-the-top inspired in the last 2 or so weeks that I feel like I'm literally sprouting new ideas.  Also, this inspiration has led to so many creative breakthroughs that it has had my right brain also working overtime.  

I think I've made it clear that the typical artist statement is something that makes me crazy. I actually just wrote a whole blog on my disdain for them, then deleted it because it simply serves no purpose.  I really would like to hear what honestly makes people tick and create.  It just seems too coincidental that so many artists are inspired by the ethereal colours of the natural palate found in the beard of transsexual billy goats. know who you are:) 

Here's an odd statement.  My artisitic inspiration oftens comes from education.  I just realized this.  Whenever I have some new technology to learn and play with, my creative juices overfloweth.  Aside from salivating at the thought of learning something new, the new 'thing' always ends up informing my  art somehow.  It may be invisible to you, but to me it's there.

More knees.  I sooo hope they work out.

Just fiddling with my Paper 53 app has inspired me to develop some new dress silhouettes, narrower, shapelier, and some knobby knee creations.  I simply don't come up with this stuff by doodling because I need there to be some sort of tech involved.  I'm also going to explore adding a bit more colour, which I didn't even know I liked till I started using Paper...we shall see.  There is so much work in exploring these new techniques...I don't typically use them the same way others do, so I have to get some supplies, throw all 'how-to's' out the window and experiment.

I've also just jumped onboard Adobe's new creative cloud method of using their creative suite.  I wanted to upgrade to CS6 from CS4, and Adobe does NOT make this easy or inexpensive.  A part of me is furious, but they are such powerful programs that I understand.  I also understand that the theft that goes on in Adobe world adds to their expenses.  I love open-source, but people simply have to be paid for the genius that goes into this stuff.  I think I know 2 people who have ever paid for Photoshop. Come on, people.  We're not just giving away our art, so don't expect others to.

I'm also chomping at the bit to get to my tutorials for InDesign.  I use InDesign, but there is so much more I could learn, and it just speaks to me.  I love the format.  I know there are many other tutorial sites out there, and 1000's of free tutorials on YouTube, but this just works for me.  I'm doing the 7 day free trial then will probably purchase another month.  I've got so much to brush up on like using Bridge effectively, and really getting into the trace and paint features of Illustrator.  I can use all of this stuff, I just get off on delving in to greater detail. 

Online learning really is the future.  This all became more apparent to me as I was looking at my local community college for classes in InDesign.  All of the sudden I thought 'Why am I searching for what fits my schedule?  Why am I not just doing something online where I can work at my own pace and skip stuff or review stuff 1,000 times?'  Yes, there are times when community and connection are very important to the learning environment, but not all the time.

Don't forget!  Giveaway and Craftcast on Wednesday!  Can't wait to share my precious little ladies.

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