White smoke up my chimney!

On a very happy note, I finished filming my upcoming Craftcast today!  Praise the lord....and all that jazz.  Perhaps I shall send some white smoke up my chimney to signal to the world that I am done, done, DONE!  Well, I actually still have to do the write up.  Nevermind.  It was a monumental task.  Can't wait till it's live.

I know you may all be sick of this, but remember my refrain...'It's my blog and I'll post if I want to':)

I thought I got the perfect shot for my skill level, then noticed that the hanger needed to be pushed back a's falling forward.  Ahhhhhh!  That is how anal I am.  These little things drive me nuts, but I don't have the patience to get the shot again.  But, boy am I enjoying this whole adventure!

I downloaded Aperture.  LOVED the tethered shooting.  Only thing I don't love, though, is that I can't shoot in live view, and I also can't zoom in to focus.  If anyone knows how to do this please let me know.  I think there may be a plug-in or something?  I tried Sofortbild a while back but didn't love it for some reason.  I think I'm just an Apple girl at heart, and Aperture just makes sense.

update:  Just discovered that Control My Nikon software will have a Mac version later this year....hopefully.  They have live view tethering and control.  I'll wait for that unless anyone has any other great suggestions that require no Macgyvering.  I like when things just work:)

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