Exciting stuff!

I've written quite a bit here and on my Facebook page about this.  I am thrilled to say that my picture (my own own photo!) will be featured on the first issue cover of this!  I've been so busy for about 2 weeks filming this so the news was a very welcome diversion.  The magazine looks like it will be great.  I'm all about beautiful photo spreads of beautiful art.  The editor, Brit Hammer, really has an eye for layout and design.

It's funny, this magazine also gives me the same feeling as my current fav online mag Covet Garden.  I love that it features real homes of real artists in the Toronto area.  I'm tiring of regular design mags simply because of the styling.  I know that a certain amount of styling and curation is necessary for a great shoot, but I've known people whose homes have been featured in typical design publications, and almost none of their own stuff ends up in the photo.  Most has been staged with borrowed goods.  

It's kindof why I can no longer bear reality shows (except for task oriented ones....Amazing Race, Project Runway), because they are so obviously staged, so what's the point?

Anyway, don't forget about this!

Oh....the above cover is a mock-up.  Fingers crossed I don't do anything typically Suzanne-like that gets me booted.....I've been kicked out of a place or two in my life:)  You can't even imagine the stress I will feel when I do my live Craftcast.  Talking is not the issue....making sure I don't mention health care, politics..., human rights, etc, etc, etc.....nevermind....  Yes.  I can work those topics into anything.  

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