I've just started taking a photography class, and assignment #1 involved creating a story.  My vignettes have always been about a story, or feeling, so you'd think the concept would be an easy one for me.  Not so.  90% of the time my vignettes start with the title.  The words come, then a picture, then it evolves, often easily, from there.  The odd thing was that with the test shots I took for the class, the story I thought my new blue/grey & gold flower vignette was telling was not it at all.  The more I paid attention to what I was feeling, the more the story changed, to the point that it leapt out at me.  What started as precious elegance turned into rustic elegance turned into a story of generations of farmers working the land, putting in 14 hour days growing and creating.  Also, forging just kept coming to mind.  

This photo really just feels to me like these are hand-forged elements with a story to tell of a dusty old barn, and an experience with heat and hammer. 

I've obviously been affected by the farm-themed tv ads going around lately.  They have really struck a chord, which is odd since I am 100% an indoor city girl.  I live in the country, but I tend to stay inside relishing the quiet.  I find the outdoors too overwhelming for my macro brain.  I've discovered that I have trained my brain to see in aperture mode, because auto involves too much sensory input.  I see such detail all around me, that I have to force myself to blur the edges and look only at what is important for me to see.  I think that's why I am always drawn to macro photography, using tiny depth of field.....I only want glimpses of things at a time, because within those glimpses are millions of details.

I've got a whole new inspiration flooding my brain may be apparent when these pieces are done, or there may be no visible vestige of it.   I'll know it's there.

BTW, as the month moves along, I'll try to keep a record of the same pictures/subjects using whatever new skills I pick up.  Here's hoping for growth:)

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