Sooooooo on the right track!

I'm filled with excitement at the moment.  Any artist knows that while you can bang your head against the wall creatively, there are times when it all just comes together.  That's happening to me right now, and I am just so happy.  My creative process is so convoluted, but it never fails that after months of hashing something out, trying to figure out how to fabricate and finish it, all of the sudden the answer just pops into my head.  My problem is not usually with ideas, but with how to bring them to life in the way that works with my skill set and loves.  My metal teacher 12 years ago, the great Dee Fontans, told me 'You have a very special creativity and design sense....but your skill level has to catch up.':)  Switching to metal clay from purely traditional fabrication techniques really helped me in that regard.

I used to wonder why I researched and figured forever to no avail, when the answer would all of the sudden seem so clear, but I think that the initial 100 hours actually make the 'aha' moment happen.  Kindof like when people think that an actor is an overnight success, without realizing that they pounded the pavement, doing the work, for years to get to that 'Hey, where did they come from?' moment.

Anyway, a couple of months ago I had my 'miniature frame' brainwave, and I made a few vignettes incorporating them.  I really loved them, but I knew that I could take it much further, and make it much easier on myself.  I also wanted to use bronze, and I was having a HUGE issue with that.  They were incredibly finicky, and I couldn't guarantee refined work when I sat down to create a new one.   I had my aha moment a few days ago in the fabrication of the frames and made a tiny sample.  I am over the moon.  I've also discovered how to best work with the Goldie™ bronze clay in a way that suits my style, so that was also a huge bonus.

The way that this piece is constructed is far easier than the way I was doing them before, yet the result can be far more intricate.  Now that I've got it in my head, there are a million variations just waiting.  This is much like my dress pendants.....figuring out the actual pattern and method of construction took countless hours, but now I can just change the pattern on a whim so easily.  I love it when a plan comes together.

The next part of the frame dilemma was how to make flowers that would fit into them while keeping with the whole aesthetic, sizing, style, etc...and I also had to incorporate gold...oh yeah, and I also didn't want to use anything but silver:)  That 'aha' came this morning.  The picture above is what I've come up with....with a few tweaks sure to come.  I'm working on a bit of an ombre effect for the stems, so that will hopefully happen.  I've got a new frame in the making now, so we'll see how it all comes together.

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