Pattern making

Three little girls...

It's been quite a while since I've made some tiny shoes.  They were the backbone of my designs in the beginning, then they just became so problematic for my vertigo that I took a break from them for a while.  They are so darned finicky to make as they are completely hand-cut and fabricated...and tiny!  I've spent the past 2 days transferring the pattern to my Silhouette Cameo cutter and I am sooooo thrilled.  I've perfected it now, I think, so my role now consists of simply doing the hand work....putting the tiny pattern together.  I just feel so much calmer knowing that the minuscule pieces will cut themselves out uniformly.  Of course, I have to get the silver clay in a perfect, flexible state first to go through the cutter, but I also find that quite enjoyable.

I'm working on a custom order and a few other pieces for photography, but they are just not coming together in my head.  When that happens, I take a tech break....I find fiddling on Illustrator extremely relaxing, so the shoe project totally helped.  

Tomorrow I'll be back to the custom work.

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