Decisions, decisions...

I am so excited to be in the early stages of putting a Craftcast™ together for Alison Lee.  I've talked in the past of my love for these video's... live classes, interesting topics, questions and answers and the ability to purchase the whole thing after the fact if you miss the class.  

We are stuck on which of two avenue's to take, so we thought we'd poll the masses.  There are two options:

Option A:  A dress pendant plus a vignette project (hang and mount the dress on a peg in a shadowbox)



Option B: A dress and flippers vignette.  Make a dress and flippers and mount them in a shadowbox.


Please simply click on the Craftcast™ poll on the sidebar of this blog (under my picture) to register your opinion.  I'll let you know as soon as a clear winner emerges.

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