Mind mapping - joy oh joy!

They are just so darned pretty:)

I have become a mind mapping junkie!  Little boy's french teacher told me a while ago that she thought he could benefit from using something like Inspiration, and when I checked it out I fell instantly in love.   I don't know how I lived without it....considering I've always done weirdly similar stuff without realizing it.  Last year in my Artful Success class, there was a discussion/module about mind mapping, but I feel like I must have been preoccupied or something because I'm sure I would have jumped on the bandwagon then.

I've started one for my presentation for the Metal Clay Mojo Retreat in September, and it is already getting huge.  As I get stuff down on the chart, it leaves my head and resides in a safe place, ready for me to expand upon it whenever the mood strikes.  I have the Inspiration app on my iPad mini as well, which I always have with me, so whenever I think of something I can put it right in and with 1 click I can put it in my Dropbox and send it through to my Mac. 

There seem to be an infinite number of mapping programs out there, and most have 30 day free trial periods.  Give them a try, find one you like and go for it!

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