the Masterpiece

This is the 2nd last piece to be made for the One of a Kind more with a really cool frame to come.  I brought 13 vignettes to my framer today.  I sure hope that the flowers go over well.  I've gone a bit nuts for them and they comprise about 1/2 of my inventory.  Talk about putting all of my eggs in one basket.

I finally got the Goldie Bronze working with photopolymer plates.  Did I tell you this clay HATES photopolymer?  It's fine when you're doing an 'inny' plate, and the majority of the plate is washed away, but with an 'outy' and much polymer exposed, the Goldie has a real baditude.

I still have a bunch of these solid wood frames, silver with a gold wash, that never really floated my boat.  They were quite expensive, and I've thought often of selling them.  Imagine my surprise when I discovered how nice they look with the bronze.  They have a bit of a gold leaf effect that doesn't show in the picture.

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