Hard at work...

I have been making flower's galore for new are gazillions of stems after being protected.  Putting the flowers together is quite tedious.  It involves...

  1. Making, refining, firing the flowers
  2. Painting them
  3. Refining the paint (taking it off of the edges so I get a nice silver edge
  4. Making the stems (3 different head profiles...flat for poppies, pointy for tulips, round for daisies) 
  5. Protecting the stems
  6. Attaching flowers to the stems
  7. Protecting the backs of the flowers
  8. Protecting the sides of the flowers with a different product (don't ask)
This whole process would take a couple of days if I did it in one fell swoop....but it actually takes weeks.  I love when it's all done and I have a ton of flowers.  I then just pick and choose and lay them out in ways that make me happy.  Stay tuned....

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