New line...

What a grand time to develop a new line...3 weeks before my biggest show of the year!  The One of a Kind Show.  I was hit about 1 week ago by a flash of creativity involving resin, silver wire and enamel paint.

I've done many flower vignettes in the past, but I'll be incorporating my little resin bubbles now.  They will be framed at 6.5 x 6.5 in custom, solid wood frames.  A few bubbles, a few flowers.....and a few other additions...more to come....maybe....

I'm happy that with the reduced silver in these, I can lower the cost.  My only struggle is that my vignettes can appear pricey, and I don't really have anything to offer someone who wants to spend a little less.  Just the framing and labour alone brings my costs up, but the frames are slightly less expensive for these because I can use slightly shallower ones.  The lower price is not necessarily the reason for these vignettes, I simply adore them, but they do open the door to a more affordable line.  I'm assuming approximately $150-$175 but I'll have to do some figuring first.

I really have the customer to thank in the summer who ordered a vignette with hot pink flowers.  If you recall, it took me a ton of experimentation to find the right paint, the right colours, etc.  At the time, even though I knew that I had thrown away my profit on that vignette, I knew that my research would pay off in time.  I'm so happy now that I did all of that, because these colourful little vignettes are really floatin' my boat:)

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