Command central

Nice studio, eh:)

Push has now come to shove for my upcoming show, The One of a Kind Show in Toronto.  Booth Q-19.  I have been a crammer all my life, and I instinctively know when the time has come that I must start.  For this show, it's usually about 4-5 weeks out.  I will now be working 24 hours/day....ok...exagerating a bit....but the oil will be burning into the wee hours.

McNenly command central - OOAK Xmas 2012

With so many projects to complete, I have to be very organized in how I go about everything.  I recently bot a filing drawer unit in order to hold components for each project. Usually, I have bits and pieces lying about my desk, and they end up getting nicked or misplaced.  With this unit I have a safe place for each piece for every step of the way.

This is the drawer for the birdhouse pendants I'm in the middle of...

...and here's the dresses for a few vignettes...

Oh, how I love stickies:)

This was the board for my summer shows.

My everyday stickies...these are in front on my face where I work.
They have bits of info that I need at my fingertips.

My best friends in the studio are sticky notes.   I use them for EVERYTHING!  My board lists all vignettes that have to be made, in rows of Dresses, Birds, Flowers, Other.  When I get the info out of my head and onto the board it allows me to feel calmer.  When I complete a vignette, the sticky is taken down.  

Candelier components

As I progress with some new vignettes, I'll post some pics.  Currently, my chandelier idea is taking a break, I'm having a few issues.  With the pieces safely in a drawer I can come back to it any time I have a brainwave.

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