An illuminating day

The beginnings of a plan...

I've been working on a new line of lightbulb/ chandelier vignettes.  This is just the beginning stage, but usually when I finally sit down to put my hands to work, and commit things to paper and clay, the idea has been fermenting for months in my head.  Today it just wanted to come out and I'm on the go.  I've figured out the bulbs I want to use and the setting.  I'm still a bit stuck on one component, but since I'm actually creating now, that should come in the next day or two.  

I'm really excited about these.  I just love how perfect and sparkly the little resin bulbs look.  I've got quite a few ideas for them, so we'll just see how they go.

Perfecting the resin has taken months.  I started with UV resin, but I don't find that crystal clear enough, and it can get somewhat brittle, so I'm not 100% comfortable.  I then switched to ICE resin, but I still wasn't completely satisfied with consistency, clarity, etc.  I then tried out Colores doming resin, which I like, but it's so thin that I was having some issues.  Next was the Colores thick resin, but that is completely cloudy, and, in the long run, didn't hold it's shape as well as the thin....long story/ go figure.  I've now got a good combo of UV resin + Colores going on.   I'll try to be better at taking process shots as I go, for future posts.  

BTW, the Newman ranch has burned to the ground on Y&R!  I believe it was the damask draperies and ruffled pillows that went up first:)

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