A silly Silhouette tip...

Every piece (even the door) is made from a template.

I very RARELY use commercial textures in my work...I make my own using photopolymer printing plates...but the roofs of my birdhouse pendants are an exception.  I have a nice wood texture that really fits the bill.  What I hate about using commercial textures is that I then have to cut out my pieces without the use of the templates I build into my PPP's (I'll be explaining that process more in a  presentation next year at the Metal Clay Mojo Retreat).  I never seem to have the right size cutter, or the exact shape I want, so.........

I could just make my own template out of plastic or paper, but that's not precise enough for me.  When I got my Silhouette Cameo Cutter recently, it seemed like a great option for making the templates.  I take a playing card, put packing tape on both sides to avoid it soaking up moisture from the clay and distorting, and simply cut out the template.  When I have two of something to cut (the the roof pieces) I cut 2 pieces out of the template.  Makes no sense to roll, texture and cut something twice...just do it in one fell swoop.......oh, I love the word swoooooooooooooooop:)

Since I also don't like to think, I write down the rolling instrux right on the card (THEN put the tape over so they won't smudge).  The 4/3 simply means to roll a slab 4 cards thick then roll onto the texture at 3 cards.  Even though you'd think I would remember, when a few months goes by between bouts of making a particular thing, I tend to forget.  

Remember, you can make any awesome shape for a template on the much easier than cutting nice curves through plastic....and then you can adjust the size up or down easily.

For any interested parties, I use a setting of Speed 3, Thickness 33, Blade 8 to cut out the cards.

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