Design evolution

The original offender...

Have you ever noticed that you can make something somewhat finicky and fabulous, it works perfectly, then you can't duplicate it to save your life?  I ran into that making a new fan yesterday for my upcoming show, the Uxbridge Studio Tour.  Previously the centre pin holding the fan to the  body was set in resin, kindof's a cool look, but I also knew it shouldn't have been so easy.  I set about doing it again, and for the life of me I couldn't get the resin to stay where it should, etc. etc.  I really should have taken photos to illustrate this point, but just didn't think of it in my trauma.

For various design reasons, the resin wasn't the best way to go anyway.  I have a thing about efficiency.  Even finicky things should be easy and repeatable.  So...after a few messy resin attempts (mixing up resin for each attempt is also a PAIN), I decided to do something that I have been thinking about for a while now, and it came off without a hitch.

Still needs the cord...

I made a sold centre piece to hold the pin, as opposed to the resin. I thought it might not look as good, but I'm really happy.  It kindof snaps into place which makes it sturdier than the 'floating resin' idea.  It also does add to my happiness that this process is easy.  I have a lot of ideas incorporating the fan, but the pickiness of the design made me somewhat lazy:)  As is, fusing and soldering the grill components is a bit finicky as well, but I'll live.

I'll try from now on to take more process photos when things are not working out, so you can see how I go about fixing them.

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