Oh, Happy Day!!!!!!

Just last night I signed up for Celie Fago's class - Beautiful Bronzclay - in Vermont in October.  I can't even explain to you how wonderful this is.  I've heard that a class with her will be the highlight of my artistic pressure Celie:)

We shall be making something along these lines, but.....

...may end up with something that looks more like this:)
(However, the tobasco pulls it all together, non?)
With the recent price increase in sliver metal clay, and my renewed desire to teach more, I realized that I had to get my head around SOME of the base metal clays.  I still am not drawn to the colour of copper, but I have some grand ideas for sculptural objects in bronze, and I like the look of it with silver.  I don't believe I will use it for any of my vignettes, but I want to be able to teach something other than silver, since I think a lot of hobbyists may be scared off from taking a class when going forward as a hobby means large outlays of cash for the silver clay.  I could figure this out on my own, but I really want to cover the ins and outs of everything to do with bronze, so this 4 day intensive with the Master is just the ticket.

I've often shied away from classes with Celie for logistical reasons  (there are no direct flights except for ski season, between Toronto and VT),  but a short flight to Montreal and an under 3 hour car drive doesn't seem bad at all...especially during the fall.  I'll download an audio book and set off.

Annnnnnnd......another completely crazy wonderful sister wife erin will be there:).  Honestly, this just gets better and better!

I'll be staying at the lovely B&B The Fan House.  Please let me know if you'll also be attending.

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