New baby gift

Still debating about a macro lens...

Working on a new, mini tooth box today for a good friend of my step-daughter's, after way too many box issues.  I've had great success with boxes in the past, but currently dealing with the warping gods, who attack whenever they feel like it.  This one has some wall warping issues, but it's good enough because the whole nature of the metal clay game is that you will never have perfection.  If I wanted perfection I'd use sheet silver.  Funny thing is, I'm discovering that the larger the box the less warping....bizarre.  I WILL get this figured out cause I'm like a dog with a bone when I come across a design problem.  If anyone has any ideas I'd be thrilled to hear them.

This is is sterling, and for the first time I embedded the legs and knobs before firing.  Usually I resin them in after, so I don't have to worry about filing around them, but the finishing looks great.  I like the slight colouring it leaves around the knobs.

I LOVE the organic look of the liver of sulphur finish inside juxtaposed with the silver outer.  I also love when I get weird striations and gun metal coloured swatches.  I have a few ways of getting these, but it's still up to the gods for the most part.

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