...annnnnnd Sue has egg on her face...

Yep, that's!

This is a constant in my life!  I express why I'm simply NEVER going to do something, and the next day I'm all over it:)  But......I am never afraid to point this out, so go easy on me.

Re my distaste for base metal clays.  I stand by my reasoning yesterday for not abandoning silver because of it's price, but after discussions with Val Lewis, the North American distributor of Goldie Bronze Clay, my eyes have been somewhat opened to the possibilities of using alternate clays in my work...

SOMEWHAT opened, people!

I still don't envision anything other than precious metals for my jewelry and vignettes, but my boxes are another story.  Some of them have 50g of clay in them (yep....$100), so they are the one item that I would consider making out of a base metal.  My thinking is also that people are used to boxes being made in a variety of mediums, so they are not necessarily expecting silver.   Also, I simply LOVE making boxes, but with their $400 price tags they are not huge sellers, so I can't keep making them and having them pile up.  I think this may be a nice addition to my line?

Anyway.....the Goldie Bronze looks beautiful, and this blog post from the amazing Anna Mazon put me over the fence.   I really like when other people do the grunt work:)  She seems to have covered everything that I might have wondered about.

I think amazing is not quite the word for Anna's work:)

I've got other stuff to do first, but I shall certainly give this a try and post about it in the future.

Ohhhh...and on another note, in the world of Y&R...all I can say about Sharon and Victor is:

Ewwwwwwwwwwwwwww!  If there is a new baby Newman on
the way I shall not know what to say!  Considering Sharon has also
been married to both of Victor's sons....need I say more.......

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