Last minute addition for the show

I made a birdhouse pendant the other day to wear to the show, and I made another style today that I can hang with a sign telling people they can order one.   There are a few people who love my vignettes, but can't commit, and they appreciate having a component to wear as jewelry.  My dress pendants have been incredibly popular for the past 2 years, but I really wanted to change it up.  

Wanted a special touch, so I added the bird.

This daisy will hang on my mesh display walls, and there are hooks at the back to hang the pendant from.  I have various sizes, and my dress pendants will also hang on some, interspersed throughout the vignettes.  I have used the colours of my logo bubbles as the centres of all of the daisies, some green, orange, yellow, blue and grey.  Ties everything together.  I'll take pics of my display when it's fully set up.

Here's my stuff, packed and ready to go.  I LOVE this part:)

Love my 2 new black roller totes.  They hold all of my vignettes
except for the 15x15.

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