Raindrops keep fallin'...

I've been completely immersed in getting ready for my upcoming show.  The past month has been spent making copious amounts of miniature flowers, and various other vignette components.  Now....I need water droplets...

The 'stems' will be snipped off when they've set.

The bikini strings will be hanging on a line, so I also need them to look as though they are drip drying.  FYI, this is 30 gauge wire.  LOVE's as thin as a thread.

Click to enlarge.
When they've set up and are incorporated into their vignettes, I'll post a pic.

Have the most fabulous sunday.

Update - 3 hours later...As I knew I would, I have just walked straight into my droplets as they hang from the edge of my desk.  Lost 5 of them...stuck to me....ruined:).   Don't tell me I should have placed them elsewhere...I KNOW that...I simply never listen to that inner voice of mine.  Latah, Sistahs!

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