Musings on My Three Sons

'Robbie Douglas' (Don Grady) of My Three Sons passed away.  I LOVED that show...but for my typically bizarre reasons.  In the later seasons, Tina Cole played his wife.  I had a total girl-crush on her, and I don't even know why.  All I wanted for at least 10 years of my childhood was to change my name to Tina:)!

And, to make her even more amazing to me, she was part of The King Family Singers.  The King Family had 1 million family members and used to have a show and a christmas special back in the day.  How I loved christmas specials of old.  We all used to LOVE the Bing Crosby ones, but couldn't bear the daughter right from day one.  Well....when she ended up being the one who shot J.R. we weren't surprised!

Oooooh....also turns out that Don Grady was the late Lani O'Grady's brother.  Remember her?  She played Mary Bradford on Eight is Enough and was the inspiration for one of my pieces:)

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