Now that the a/c is running....and drying....

The '3' is just for the type of clay

Yesterday I had a bad clay day ( IS as devastating as a bad hair day), and nothing was working well.  I keep my clay in little paint pots when I open a pack...2 pots for 50 grams.  These pots are great, and air-tight, so I have no problem with the clay drying out, even if I leave them for days.  I'll put a bead of water inside the lid if I know I'll be leaving them for too long.   However, in the last couple of weeks, I've noticed that even with fresh clay, it's drying out before my eyes, and making it difficult to sculpt anything without cracks appearing.  It just dawned on me that I've been running my a/c for the past 2 weeks full time, so the room is dry as a bone.  Then, a brainwave...  

To rehydrate bone dry clay, I've used Celie Fago's good old cupcake holder/sponge humidifier method.  I made mine with a small rubbermaid container and it works like a charm.  Anyway, I realized that if I put my pots inside of the humidifier it would replicate placing them in a humid room.  It totally worked!  I put them in last night, and when I got up this morning the clay was back to normal, but not squishy as it would have been if I put it in without the pot.

My new fav tool

Oh....and as I was trolling about the PMC conference, I bot this little pin tool.  I know I could just take a pin and bake it into some polymer clay, or place it in a pin vice thing, but I just liked the look of this one.  Well!  From the moment I picked it up yesterday and worked with it, I knew that I would never use another pin least till I break or lose this one.  It just fits my hand perfectly, and pin seems to be the perfect point...yes...pins have different points:)  I think I have used it about 20 times since yesterday.  It's actually really exciting to find a new tool that immediately becomes your go-to.

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