Gather, tweet, retreat

In this case, tweet does not refer to 'tweeting' in the social media sense, but in the 'bunch of birds madly tweeting together kind of way:)

Without further ado....MY SISTER WIFE eRIN! the reverse iPhone shot is not the most flattering:)
I just got back from the PMC (Metal Clay) Conference this weekend.  I can't even begin to tell you how wonderful it was to meet the many people that I have connected with through the years because of this amazing material.  It's so odd to walk through a conference hotel (ehem, I'm using the term hotel VERY loosely....there was a MOAT!), and recognize so many people merely from their name tags.  Everyone was great, but I feel I really connected with a few....further posts on that in the coming days/weeks.

Of course, the highlight was erin.  We have become great friends online, and she was even better in person.  I so admire her because she is so young and already an experienced shop owner, teacher and maker.  She is working on a new line of bells that are so precious.  She really is going places, and you know how you love it when good things happen to good people???  Well....erin is good people:)

And, of course, through erin, I was able to meet her mentor, The GREAT CELIE FAGO, or, as she is known to some CELIE F#%KING FAGO!!!!  She is a true artist in every sense of the word, yet I can't put her properly into words.   I expected her to float in on wings of hemp, with a beneficent smile  spewing peace and quinoa, but she has a great edge to her, which I appreciate greatly in a human being.  She is no pushover, says what she means, and means what she says.  When she speaks, people listen, because she really does have much wisdom to impart.

I had an interesting conversation with her about the need to be on our own, without hoards of people around, yet enjoying this type of gathering.  I've never understood when people discuss the common need for humans to connect, because I've never really felt or understood this.  Celie put it in a way that made sense to me.  She said "This is what we do as humans....gather, then disperse".  Ahhhhhh!  That puts such a calm sense in my heart, because I'm no longer the social pariah who doesn't understand the pack mentality many have.  I can completely relate to gathering, loving it, then retreating into my cave.  Perfectly put, Celie f#@cking Fago:)

Anyway, I simply had to own a piece made by her hands, and am now the proud owner of one of my fav of her rings.

The inside is gold, which makes me sooo happy, because knowing that it's there, where no one can see it, puts a secret smile in my heart....hmmm...kind of like that smile you see on people's faces when they are sitting with their Kindles and you just KNOW they are reading 50 Shades of Grey:).  ...annnnnnnyway.......

I think he has the same ring as me!

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