5 weeks to go........

To do

I have been so overwhelmed with work in the past 2 months that I felt the need to lay out what I need to accomplish for my summer show in Muskoka in 5 weeks.  Remember, my work has to be done about 10 days earlier than the show date in order to allow for framing, and I was a bit shocked at my sales in Ottawa, so am very low on inventory.  Out came the trusty Post-its.  I feel sooooo much better now that I can actually see what needs to be done.

Each vignette with required components.  As they are
completed, the Post-it will go.  Nice and visual:)

After everything is off to the framer, I will concentrate on some pendants.  I am juried to sell a very few pendants at the show, usually my dress pendants, but I'd like to switch some out for birdhouse pendants.  My birdhouse vignettes are such a crowd pleaser, as were my dresses initially, so I think that putting some on pendants would be a good complement to the vignettes.  We'll see.

Pre-fired silver.  These were for vignettes....I'll have to figure
out how to make them special on a pendant.

Also, I'm unframing a number of pieces that I really don't love.  In the beginning, I was concerned with having enough inventory and made some that never really spoke to me.  I have discovered that there are a few vignettes at every show that I don't really want to display, so I've decided to just reclaim them, which means unframing and melting down the silver components.   If I don't LOVE the vignette, it kills me to know that it is out there in the world with my name on it.

I'm a bit tighter on time because I'm off to Kentucky on Thursday for the PMC Conference.  It was my prize for winning the Metal Clay Today contest, and I just can't WAIT to meet my sister wife erin, and all of the others that I have corresponded with online over the years.

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