And.....I found my camera...and made some precious cufflinks

I probably shouldn't have.  I can't take a 1/2 decent pic of these to save my life, so I shall just wing it so you get the idea.

What an attractive couple!

Little boy rarely draws pictures of people...usually detailed when I saw these I thought they would be perfect for some cufflinks for The Man for Father's Day.  No, I don't need to worry about spoiling the surprise.  He doesn't read my blog unless I hold it up in front of his face:)

The Man


A little help from Photoshop and Illustrator

These will just serve as a prototype at the moment, but The Man will be pleased.  The solder joints are abysmal, and I'm still figuring out style, construction, etc.  

Is the tie not to die for?

The backs are argentium sterling, while the tops with prints are regular, old sterling.  The centre had to be hollowed out simply to conserve silver, as I wanted a nice, heavy link.  This one may be too chunky for my taste.  Getting those details ironed out will keep me quite happy for a while, but I just don't have time right now.

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