Wherein The Man thinks he's funny...

One of these things doesn't belong...Day 1
So, my love, The Man, The Republican, thought he'd pull a fast one on me.   I was pulling out of the driveway one day and noticed a new little friend (most definitely a Democrat cause just look at the natty outfit!).  I assumed that The Man had found him amongst the foresty treasures that litter our 4 acres, and put him there as a joke.  Then........

Day 2

Day 3

Finally, he says to me 'Did you see that the Occupy movement has come to Puslinch?'

Gnomes after my own heart.
He knows that I love nothing more than some good Occupy action, so he went out and bought these things and was going to keep adding till I noticed.  Of course, he realized quickly that the whole thing could get waaaaaay out of hand due to my inability to notice life forms around me, and end up like this...

Yep... that would be me with the crown, but I'm a bit concerned
about 'Near Naked Gnome'.  This is quite an unruly bunch!

Footnote...there is no evidence that The Man is actually a Republican, but I've had my suspicions for a very long time.

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