The last thing...

This is as good as a photo gets at 1:30 in the morn.

It's 1:23 am and I have finished the LAST THING that was causing me stress in my show prep for this weekend in Ottawa - Booth 32 Central.  I knew my boxes would be displayed in a case, but I just couldn't come up with anything to display each box on.  My display is quite contemporary and clean looking, yet simple acrylic blocks of varying heights was not going to cut it.  Just tonight I had an aha just came to me.  Annnnnd.....didn't cost me a cent, just my time, and since I love doing this kind of fiddling, it was a labor of fun.  I'm sure I'll make some changes for the next show, but since I was struggling with what to do till this last minute, I'm happy.

Little boy's dino drawing from years ago translated
onto a box.

I printed out nice shapes on photo paper, with a nice border and pricing designed on Illustrator, mounted them to black foam core and cut them out.  All of the pieces are the colours of the bubbles in my logo.  I wanted to use the orange and yellow, but they really didn't do anything for my boxes.   I was going to do circles, cause I have a circle cutter for foam core, but they just weren't coming out nicely.  You can't really tell in the photo, but they are raised to varying heights with black foam core layers under each one.  I had a small piece of black foam core so I was able to fit all of the stuff on it in various configurations.  

I don't have the case on in the pic, nor the panels for the table...I just needed to get the idea.   The case only goes over the boxes, the posts show where the walls and top go, and the easel holds my bio in a frame, while my business cards are in the little stand.  If I have time, I will get a few tiny flowers to go in a bud vase to give the whole thing some softness. 

This is the best part...this is what the creative process wrought...:)

I was going to do this tomorrow, but when I have something like this to do I simply can't sleep.  Now, with the exception of printing off the labels for my gallery pricing cards (I have a template, so this takes minutes), I am DONE....I'm even 95% packed.  Tomorrow I shall clean my studio, print out my packing and loading list, and use Thursday to relax.  Friday is the trip to Ottawa, then Saturday morning bright and early set up.  It's supposed to rain, but as long as it's not bucketing during set-up I'll be happy....I love doing shows.

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