Auntie Lynn gets a hole-in-one!!!

Congratulations Auntie Lynn!!!

Well, it has happened for my big first legal sister wife...she got a hole-in-one last night!  Auntie Lynn LOVES to golf, so it couldn't happen to a more deserving person.  She is truly the most encouraging person you will ever meet, my biggest fan, and the most enthusiastic cheerer.  In fact, when little boy recently had his school play, his teacher said "Oh, I hear Auntie Lynn is here!" which he replied...

"Oh!  That means it's going to get LOUD in here!"

That does not mean she would be shouting directions from the sidelines, it means she would be shouting encouragement...You Rock! You're the BEST! GREAT JOB!!!  She is truly the person you want in your corner when you're about to do something you're unsure of.  And, to her credit, because she knows that little boy doesn't like to be noticed, she quietly enjoyed the performance:)

So......cheers to Auntie Lynn, who now joins Grandpa in the family hole-in-one club.
  You Rock! You're the BEST! GREAT JOB!!!

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