Drip dry


I've been having much fun today with resin, and water droplets.  I'm currently experiencing bikini love, so I envisioned a bikini on a line, dripping in the sun, watering a flower below.  It will be framed in a lovely driftwoody looking frame, perfect for a summer home, cause, of course, don't we all have one of those!:)

The droplets were quite a, they are not just a drop of resin...and getting them affixed was particularly trying.  Of course, when you drop them, they are nowhere to be found, so one day on my studio floor, I will find tons of them rolling about.

Balled up 28g silver wire + resin = a 1mm droplet.

I've got a much larger vignette incorporating these kinds of things in mind for the Muskoka show.  It will take quite a bit of work, so I'm not attempting it at the moment....stay tuned.

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