I won the lottery!!!!!!

Yep...I've been working out! sorta.

I won the Metal Clay Today Incorporate Challenge with Charlie's Tooth Box!  I'm really excited cause I've never really won anything before.  After getting turned down for a show or two this season, this win was really welcome in that 'I must not really suck' kinda way.  Ok, ok, I'm joking.  Don't be sending me all kinds of 'you are the light of the world' type messages....I know I't we all:) 

Now for the interesting part.  I paid absolutely no attention to what the prize was, and was surprised to discover that it is fully paid admission to the PMC Metal Clay Conference in June, the last one that will ever be held.   Funny how things work.  I have never been, and have often thought of it, but never went past the thinking stage.  Turns out, the points to fly to Cincinnati will barely make a dent in my Aeroplan account, AND I get to meet my sister wife erin!  That's the prize right there.  So......all I have to say to those folks working the conference is:

...2 freakishly dirty vodka martinis for me and my sistah...pronto.
(I won't even attempt to get a Caesar)

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