Shedding light on the situation....

I'm working on a new piece, perhaps a series, more architectural and adult in theme, like my fan pieces.  I loved making the fans.  I'm currently in the process of making a tiny (1cm) lightbulb.  Still a few layers to go, and you can't see that there is a bulb shaped piece of silver at the core, but experiments are promising.  Unfortunately, uv resin does not give me the proper flow, so I'm stuck building the layers with 2 part resin for days on end for one tiny bulb.  I actually get completely off on that sort of nitpicky thing, so I'm good.

The stand is coming along...we'll see if more tweaks are necessary.  Obviously the photos are not great here people...just giving you and me an idea.  I often can't really get a sense of my pieces till I see them in a photo.  Takes them out of my head.  I think when I look at them with my eyes, my brain distorts them to fit with my intention, while a photo allows me to look at them more objectively.  Clearly, dusk is not the best time for photos.

Not really straight at the moment, but that's
not necessary right now.

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