sing it, sister k.d.

Shed a few tears yesterday after discovering that I was not accepted this year into the Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition.  One is never sure of acceptance, and it feels so good when you're in...but when a show is being curated, you take your chances.  Oddest thing....all day I thought that I should just post a vid of my girlfriend k.d. singing Crying....and guess what!!!!.....The Man surprised me with k.d. tickets this afternoon, even though he knew nothing of my plans!!!!  September at Hamilton place.  I CAN'T WAIT!!!!  Thank you Man.  This totally makes up for your occupy issues.

p.s.  I totally loved when k.d. used to wear those prairie housewife outfits:)

p.p.s. Oooooooh, just looked at the seating chart and we are in the very front section!  I love you Man.

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