New Gallery Show.........snore............

I drove into Toronto today to set up for a 3 woman show at Essentia Gallery.  My companions are Sheila Thompson, an amazing contemporary fibre artist, and Noriko Yamamoto, who makes the most precious paper and bronze sculpture (can't get a link to her for some reason).  The space looks great.  These are some quick phone snaps, so be kind....

I have a nice spot, and LOVE the
gallery hanging system....ohhhhh....System!!!!!!

My bio from yesterday, business cards, etc.

I'm sooooo loving how 'Love is in the air'
came out.  Framed at 15x15

We'll be there for the month of May.  Stop in if you are in the beaches.....btw, I refuse to call it The  Beach....I grew up with the beaches, and it shall remain that way:)

Now for the fun part.  Imagine my surprise (and yours after clicking on the link!) when I discovered that this space is not a fancy schmancy gallery, but a........wait for it............


Turns out that about 9 months ago the store started using their empty walls to highlight local artists.  All went well, sales started happening, so a gallery in a mattress store was born...quite a brilliant idea, actually.  They fill their walls with great art, and people who come in to check it out find out about these fab  It is very high end and contemporary, so I'm just having a good attitude about it, and thanking god that it is not a gallery in a hamburger mattress store!

Seriously...this is a MUST have...and I'm sooooo
diggin' the happy teen who comes with it!

In the immortal words of little boy whenever he is asked if he enjoyed something...


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