I needed a new bio for show, to put out just so people can find out what I'm all about, etc.  I'll either hang it, or put it on an easel...we'll see.

As I was writing it, I was reminded of an aha moment I had a while back in which I realized that my best childhood friend, Diane, probably saved my life.  Not literally, but in that I can't be that weird cause she's just the same kinda way:)  We did the strangest stuff together...yes, we made braces out of telephone wire and actually wore them to school!...but she never flinched.  We were exactly the same kind of unusual (read awesome) kid.  I remarked to one of my sister's a while ago (a real one, not a sistah wife) that I don't know what I would have done without Diane.  We had such an amazing childhood cause we were each totally in for whatever odd thing the other wanted to try.  Best part...we got to do most of it at her house cause her equally awesome Dad was also totally on board, usually helping us when dangerous tools were involved.  He sawed endless 2x4's for us to make our dreams of making our own Dr. Scholl's sandals come true!

My goodness, how we longed for a REAL pair!

Some fabric taped over the wood and we were golden....yes, tape!  Don't ask where the nails were? sister's response to my tales of hilarious wackiness...

"Hmmm...I don't remember any of this.  Must have been busy doing my own thing"

p.s.  Diane grew into the most caring, fabulous woman who continues to march to the beat of her own, very cool drummer, attempting to make the world a better place one closed mind at a time:)  Do you have your own Diane in your life?

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