Photography, camera's and Fred Flintstone.

Nikon D60 + DX 18-55 lens - no Photoshop, except crop.
Same...cropped to within an inch of it's life.

What do Fred Flintstone and I have in common?
I have his camera!

Interviewer to Robert Diamante (My rock star photographer):  "What is the single best piece of advice you can give to those wanting to photograph their own jewelry?"

Robert:  "Don't."

I LOVE that.  Really, why should we presume that someone who took years to hone their craft isn't going to be any better at it than we are, with our point and shoot?  The sad reality, however, is that I can't afford to send every piece that I create to Robert for one of his beauty shots.  I use him when I want a poster (20x30 or whatever) or new jury shots for an especially 'tough to get into' show.   Do your own photos, but do yourself a favour and have him take one or two for you.  They are the only photos I use in my marketing materials and business cards, and they have paid for themselves in spades.'s the scoop on what I do for my regular, everyday studio shots...keeping in mind, I HATE taking pictures.  First off, I got the Jewelry Photography System from Table Top know I'm a girl who LOVES systems!  I used the fancy, dancy lights for years, till a fab photog friend of mine told me I was nuts and just to stick the light tent in front of a window.  My pictures are generally way better doing it that way.  

I also love the grey gradient backdrop from the same company.  You may like fancy props or colourful backgrounds, but you can tell from my website and blog that I'm a 'grey' kinda girl.  Just suits me, and the backdrop makes even goofy stuff look better, and also shows that one of my whimsical vignettes can be at home in a contemporary interior.  

I just have a cheap point and shoot camera, and many will tell you that is fine...although they may have taken more time learning how to use it, etc.  It certainly is fine for shots for Etsy and your blog/website, but recently I've discovered that if I get a camera that can attach a separate lens on it, the photo's are WAY better.  The friend who took my box photos a month ago in 3.5 seconds is a photographer, so she has a $1,000 lens, definitely out of range for my purposes.  The pics I took of my sisters box a while ago, and the box pictured at the top, were taken at another friend's house using her less expensive digital SLR with a fancy lens.  Still more than my cheepo, obviously, but more in line with what I can aspire to for a much crisper shot.  No, the pictures are still not like Robert's, but until I win the lottery and move him into my basement (in a windowless room, at my beck and call), they will have to do.

Long story short, at least get or make a light tent/box, put it in front of a window (cloudy day is best) and use the best camera with the best lens you can afford.  As I said, my camera is cheap and all I'm using is the light tent, but they are better than if I just laid them down on my kitchen table and shot.

Longer story even shorter, yet another goal to strive for with my summer show sales....a new camera.

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