Step awaaaaaaaaaay from the computer, Sue

Click to enlarge, barely,
and, yes, I saw the
spelling mistake.....SHEEESH!

I have been having waaaaaaaaay too much fun this morning.  I've long wanted to make a process board or step out for my display that gives people an idea of how I do what I do, and module 4 from my Artful Success class spurred me into action.    I am always being asked how on earth I do it, and told that I must have so much patience, etc.  Also, until I explain, many people think that I just buy bags of components (shoes, birds, etc.), not realizing that I make every piece myself.  As I have also learned in my class...

Confuse 'em and lose 'em.

So true.  This is just a prototype at the are just place holders, text will be changed, etc, but I am LOVING it.  I think it's very me, and very in the spirit of my work.  I wanted something long and skinny to fit perhaps right on the edge of the entrance to my booth...somewhere that I wouldn't necessarily be able to hang a piece effectively.  I'm guessing about 9" wide by 40" long...printed and mounted just as my posters are...we'll see.

My goodness, I haven't posted a clip for Y&R Friday in a bit, I've been too busy to find a good one, but hopefully this fab pic will tide you over!

I am Victor Newman and you can
 soooo be my FRAU!

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