A new venture?

Not done yet.   Still needs some final details and a half-decent
photo,  but you get the idea

Once upon a time, many, many years ago, most likely when mummy was paying noooooo attention, little boy drew this (along with 12 million other dino masterpieces...see above)... 5 years later, mummy finally got off her butt (most likely she was watching a Y&R marathon) and turned it into this...

I have been mulling over the thought for years of turning little boy's drawings into some form of silver art, but wasn't interested in jumping into the 'child art' jewelry arena.  Many people do this, quite beautifully, but jewelry is not necessarily my passion.  Nothing was dying to be made till I just happened to be looking through my book the other day and came across these drawings from many moons ago.  I wanted to make another box, so it came to me.....a box with his drawings.   Since these happen to be dino's, and most every Aspie kid seems to go through a dino phase, it finally hit me what I can do with my business to give back.

For every piece of art I sell with a child's drawing on it, I will donate $10 to a charity or service benefitting those on the spectrum.  For those of you who aren't familiar, Autism is a spectrum and people fall at various points along it, from Aspergery to Non-Verbal...with millions of points before, after and in between.  I, myself, am most likely resting quite happily somewhere along that spectrum, just no where near the Republican end...just sayin'.

I will slowly come out with more items (including a few jewelry pieces) that can incorporate your child's artwork on them, but they will definitely have my own design spin.  We'll see.....

Yes, legs will come...Sheesh, people!  Be patient!

I also gave a nice little tweak to the sterling hallmark on the bottom.  Every surface is an opportunity for embellishment.  I could certainly do more (the insides of the box, for example) but part of the design process is knowing when to stop.

 Just cause ya can doesn't mean ya should!

Meanwhile...daddy and little boy were busy working on a project (notice, there is always a place for Lego)....

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