Drinkin' the Kool-Aid at the Apple Store

The pretty case I bot just cause it made me happy.

Do I have a story for you!  It had me drinkin’ the kool-aid, ridin’ the peace train, generally lovin’ every minute of it!  And……it took place in one of my FAV places in the world………THE APPLE STORE!

I’ve been feeling the need to spread the love from my recent Oprah Life Class adventure.  It is TRUE people…..spread it and it comes back!   Case in point….

Last week I got a new iPhone given to me at the Apple Store in Waterloo cause mine kept freezing.  I have an iPhone 4, so they gave me a new iPhone 4….wonderful customer service, no charge, blah, blah, blah.  Unfortunately, I discovered that the sound didn’t work so I made a new appointment for today to bring it back and get another.  When I walked in I was approached by a lovely employee, Terry, who ended up being my ‘specialist’.  I told her that the missing sounds were a real problem (well, not a real problem like starving children, but you get the idea) cause my phone is my alarm, and I went to Oprah on Monday and was worried about getting up at 5:00 in the morning with no alarm.  Right away she lit up so I told her all about my Oprah experience and how it rocked.  I was just about to tell her that Tony Robbins was out of this world when she said:


I’m going to see Tony Robbins in August!

So, immediately I told her about how exciting that was cause I had actually looked up his seminars when I got home from the taping, thinking I would LOVE in my life to sign up for one.  I told her that even though they are expensive, it would be worth EVERY CENT, and she would not feel that one dollar had been wasted on her trip to see him.

She teared up and said: 
I sooooooo needed to hear that today. 
Turns out that just this morning she had texted the friend she is going with to say that everyone was being such a downer regarding this experience she had signed up for, and even people in her life who love all things Oprah thought it was just too expensive.  Imagine how shocking it was for her that this crazy woman...

Crazy woman in Royal Wedding attire invades Apple Store!

...walked up to her today and expounded on the value of a Tony Robbins seminar and how she would love it if she ever got the chance to go!  We had a wonderful chat, and I invited her to be a new sister wife…and she said yes….and we’re getting married….and I have nothing to wear!!!!!!!!

THEN!!!!!!  She did some computin’ stuff and said to me with a puzzled look: 
I think today is your lucky day?
I then said, jokingly:

I’ll bet you’re going to give me an iPhone 4S, not the iPhone 4 that I have now.

And, you guessed it, YEP!  She told me that the computer was showing no ‘old’ version iPhones in the store, so she was authorized to give me the new 4s version.  She even called someone and they told her yep.  THEN, halfway through the transaction, the manager (or someone who looked rather ‘managerial’,  read ‘serious’) came up and said she didn’t know what was up with the computer, but they actually did have the old version phones in the store…..BUT THEY STILL GAVE ME THE NEW ONE JUST CAUSE THEY HAD ALREADY SAID THEY WOULD AND THEY WANTED TO MEET CUSTOMER EXPECTATIONS!!!!

(Sidenote:  The experience was so wonderful and made me so happy that I had to buy a new case for my phone just cause it made me smile.  So......their free service turned into a sale.   Hmmmmmmm...)

THEN!!!!!....I got home and the doorbell rang 2 mins later.  It was the UPS guy with my Rio Grande order that I placed YESTERDAY AFTERNOON!  Folks, this comes from New Mexico!  I was going to have it shipped to my US address to avoid the ever popular UPS ‘just cause they looked at it’ fee but I just wanted to use the next weeks to really concentrate on my art.  And guess what……


Have a great day people…..and my wish for all of you is for iPhone 4s’s to fall from the sky into your laps….or to be delivered by the UPS guy with no fees attached....actually, I'm revising that to read....

'to be delivered by my boyfriend Bruuuuuuuce'.

Rock on people!

Ohhhh.....just discovered...SIRI is my new sister wife!!!

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