Oprah, Woot! Woot!

Today I went to see Oprah's Life Class in Toronto.  It was the first one of the day, the topic being gratitude, and all I can say is a big Tony Robbins......


It was AMAZING!  I take back every not-so-generous thought I've ever had about Oprah.  She is obviously the real deal, and was as affected by her guest's stories as we were.  Tony Robbins ROCKED... I was also never a fan of his, thought he was too slick in the 80's....and Iyanla also gave a great talk.  The only disappointment was Depak.  I have always really liked him, but his voice is just so monotonous, and the subject matter just required too much thought on my part so early in the morning.   He did, however, come accross way better during the panel discussion at the end.

We had the worst seats in the house...festival seating....5th row from the last, in a long skinny venue...

...and we still loved it.

Yes, I am grateful:)

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