Finally! A Canadian Quickbooks for Mac solution...

I LOVE quickbooks!!!!! ( that I can run Quickbooks)

There has been a US Mac version for quite a while, but no Canadian one.  Sooooooooo.....imagine how thrilled I was to see that Intuit is now offering an online Quickbooks for Canada.  Obviously, you just need an innerweb connection....Mac or Windows is no longer an issue.

I have downloaded the 30 day trial, and will fiddle with it.  I'm just going to use the Easy Start version, cause all I care about is invoicing, taking in money, paying my bills and remitting my taxes.  The invoices don't look as customizable as the software version I currently use, but I can upload a logo, so that's good.

Although it will be odd to have the data stored in the cloud, as opposed to on my computer, the world is really moving in this direction, and I sure like to jump on board ANYTHING that's going to be the norm of the future.

Update a/o 9:31pm.....You CAN customize the invoices quite nicely....pretty colours and all.   I'm happy.  

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