Love is in the air, finally, I think, yeah, maybe...

Ready for framing.
Finally got the vignette laid out and fixed down.  The mat cutout will be 9x9, framed at 15x15.  Of course, this may change when I get to the framer.  It's so nice to get back on the horse:)

Detail, details....the on/off switch

Details, details 2...the prongs are 28g wire, 1mm long!

The hearts are the size of a ball pin head.

It is soooo freakin' hard to get 1/2 decent shots on the mat.  That's why my rock star photog, Robert Diamante, is always on call:)  My blog photos are simply so you can see what I'm up to.  If you are interested in a piece, e-mail and I will take more photos with more details, etc.

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