Too sad for Victor Newman today

woe is me
I just received my first rejection for the summer shows I applied for.  Honestly, rejection sucks.  And......they only had 67 apps for 40 spots....I consider that great odds, as my sculpture category is not usually a popular one for applications.  I think I was taking acceptances for granted.

I'm trying to think positively.  Perhaps the weekend that I was going to be at that show was the same weekend that Oprah was going to phone me to tell me that she forgot to have me on her show, so she was producing a movie about me, but only if I answer the phone?  Could happen......yes, it could, really......

My sister wife (accountability partner) erin had the greatest advice:

Chin up, boobs out, the next one's in the bag!

Hmmm...I'm feeling better (and a bit more voluptuous) already:)

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