Wowza! - 20 hours to a clean studio - Part 3 - kabillions of dollars flying out the window!


One of the most important lessons I learned from the Giganticon Studio Clean of 2012 was that I had been letting kabillions of dollars fly out the window, simply because I did not know what I had.  You have no idea how many duplicates of things I found during the clean.  Things I remember going to buy because I HAD TO HAVE THEM AND I'VE RUN OUT!  Bah!

I get off on doing my own graphic design work.  I had my logo designed originally, and love it, and my website, but I eventually re-did my site myself, and I'm always fiddling with my logo.  I wanted stickers for my boxes and frame backs, so I was forever purchasing labels and trying to make my own.  I was never satisfied.  Look at how many packs of labels I found while cleaning!

My retirement fund...
Those packs are at least $20/pkg so do the math.  I'm too embarrased to do it.  Anywho....I finally decided to use my designer's 'sticker guy' and got these fab round stickers printed out (I did the graphic work).  They cost far less than what I spent on labels, hours and printer ink.  I really have learned to just let the professional's do what they do best.

Die-cut pretties.
 Best tip from my clean.  I have a lot of junk that isn't junk, yet I'm not into garage sales.  I could just donate it, but here's a better tip.  I now have a basket that functions like the Treasure Chest for kids at the Dentist office.  I put a bunch of stuff in there that is new, just not necessary for me....knick knacks, office supplies, etc.  Whenever anyone comes to my house, I'm simply telling them to take a look and take anything they want.  Easy peasy, and as I get tired of more stuff, or find more stuff in other areas of the house, it will go in there.  I have a million pretty espresso cups, etc, and kitchen items, so they will end up there when I get to doing the kitchen.

Take me home.
My only caveat when I've ever given away anything is that you had better not sell it.  Nothing makes me angrier than when people who don't need things take them so they can profit.  I don't even take subsidies for Little Boy's autism services.  We are lucky enough to be able to afford that kind of thing, so if we take a subsidy we are actually taking money away from others who desperately need it.  There is a finite amount of some stuff in the world, so only take what you need.  Want to come to my house?  Don't I sound fun!!!!!!!!!!:)  

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