Wowza!....20 hours to a clean studio - Part 2 - IKEA Love

I have ALWAYS had a love affair with IKEA kitchen cabinetry.  It is sturdy, inexpensive and comes with organizational items that are doused in awesomesauce.  

In the centre of my studio I have a 4' x 8' island made up of IKEA kitchen cabinets at either end holding up a stainless steel top that my neighbour made for lucky am I....on one side my neighbours own a metal fabrication shop, and my neighbour on the other side has the greenest thumb imaginable and hires herself out to me and others for next to nothing to make my baskets and window boxes, and to do overall planting and clearing for us.  Both families rock in a Bruce kindof way:)

I also have a bank of IKEA kitchen cabinets running along the side of my studio.  I purchased these years ago to go into the bedroom studio I used to have in the old house (a 10 x 10 room), and simply moved them here.  I can't stress enough how much I love these cabinets.  If you have a tiny budget, simply start with one 3 drawer cabinet.  The bank of them is made up of a 30", 24", then another 30".  You can keep adding on as you get richer and famouser:).  If you've heard any stories about how the IKEA cabinets are not sturdy, consider the source.  Usually the people who say that have never used them.  It's considered de rigeur to trash IKEA kitchens:)  I have had this Island for 2 years, and the bank of cabinets for 3.  I bang them and bash them and the drawers and doors are smooth and happy.  I keep all kinds of heavy junk in them and I've never had a problem.  When I do my kitchen, I will most likely be using IKEA interiors, and will have my 'guy' make doors, just cause I want solid wood and my own profile design.  Bespoke IKEA, nothing better.

The drawers, oh the drawers....full extension and heavenly.   Take a look at this one, situated at one end of the island, used to hold my framing supplies in my pre-clean, apocalyptic era.  Now, after the clean.....

BTW, those plastic trays are also IKEA, fit perfectly and were $2.99 each!  I got a few and put them anywhere I had small items. 

For deep drawers they have these metal dividers that you can configure however you'd like.  A bit more expensive than the plastic, but not much.

Little boy's stuff
Assorted randomness
Just like with a massive clean, start small with your organizational stuff, and purchase just one item of something you can add to as time goes.  It really makes a difference to love your space.  If you only have one drawer in your home to call your own, spend $3.00 for the organizers, and make it useful.

Part 3 will highlight what I learned from this experience, mainly how I discovered how much money I was throwing away simply because I didn't know what I had!

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