Wowza!!!! 20 hours to a clean studio!...Part 1

Under the watchful eye of my boyfriend...


I undertook the studio clean of the century!

In accordance with my enthusiam for my Artful Success course, I decided to bite the bullet, rather, the entire Uzi, and clean my studio.  Actually, I don't mean clean, I mean take it apart, throw away ANYTHING I don't use or need, and put it back together again in an organized manner.  I started Monday, took a few hours every day, and finished Sunday night at 10:00.  You cannot believe how good it feels.  I can now sit down and do all of my class work AND start creating again.  I've got so many ideas floating around at the moment.  

May 2010
When we bot the house almost 2 years ago, we were very blessed that the previous owner was a woodworker, and had built a large workroom onto the side of the house.  You can get to it from the interior of the house (or exterior), but it is separated by an ante room, so it really keeps my business life from infringing upon my home life.  When things are crazy, I can close the door, go into the house and not even have to think about the chaos in my studio.  Before we moved here, I worked out of a spare bedroom, and before that out of desk in that bedroom.  My wish for everyone is that you have a space to call your own, a desk or a room....or even a box:)

April 2012
Where the magic happens:)
I will do a Part 2 post on how I organized some of the spaces, and how you can use inexpensive items to help.

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