2 new technology dreams soon to be realized!

After my blogpost the other day on graphic tablets, a reader pointed me in the direction of a new Wacom product....Inkling.  Ahhhhhhhh!!!!!  I had mentioned that the only drawback for me with the tablets was not getting to actually see the image you are just shows on the computer screen.  With Inkling you can draw right onto paper and it translates the design onto Illustrator or whatevah!  Wowsa!  Looks like there is a backlog, so this will go out into the Universe as one of my business goals for 2012.  Thanks Cynthia!  Btw, I literally swoon at the word 'vector'.   A vector image is the light of my life in the drawing world:)



Funny.  For years I've been thinking of adapting one of those die cutter thingy's that scrapbookers use to incorporate with my work in paper clay.   The last time I looked (maybe 1 year ago), I couldn't seem to find anything that would allow me to draw my own patterns for cutting, as opposed to using the stock ones that come with the unit.
Yesterday, Wanaree Tanner did a blog post on a particular project, and just happened to use a Silhouette Cameo machine in the video.  Turns out you  can make your own patterns.  This is soaked in all kinds of awesomesauce, so I've added it to my Pinterest board for the tangible business goals I have for this year.  I have some ideas for this machine that are not in any way similar to Wanaree's, so we'll just have to see what happens.  Her method was very helpful and for that I am grateful.  Added bonus...I'm so happy that I no longer have to waste time googling this item to find out who will ship it to Canada, or if I can buy it here.  It is bound to be less expensive in the States, so my P.O. box will come in handy dandy.

The odd thing about finding this was that I was not even going to watch the video on Wanaree's site, simply because I was not necessarily interested in the project.  Something made me watch it, and when I saw that little machine clicking away I was in heaven:)  What I've discovered through my Artful Success class is that you need to listen to the whispers out there.  Since I've been doing that, there have been quite a few coincidences? popping up in my life....more on that later.

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